Cogent is a world-class innovator. Our commitment to providing progressive and compelling solutions has been recognised by Alcatel-Lucent in February 2014 at the Global Partner Event in Panama. We were awarded the 2013, “Best Cloud Reference Partner of the Year” and “APAC New Business Model Partner of the Year”. Alcatel-Lucent attracts some of the most progressive business partners in the world with their innovative solutions and exceptional global reach.

The Best Cloud Reference Partner is a great example of Cogent delivering high-quality solutions to New Zealand businesses, in this case, a client with more than 1,000 users.

Our subscription-based offering was also recognised by the New Business Model Partner of the Year. New Zealand Businesses can now source their communications, collaboration, data and video as a service, only paying for what they use through our flexible, elastic monthly charging mechanism.

Frost & Sullivan has awarded Cogent the 2014 New Zealand Enterprise Telephony System Integrator of the Year Award. This is the part of the 2014 New Zealand Excellence Awards, recognising best practices and excellence in the New Zealand ICT industry.

Key Partnerships

Additionally, our partnerships with global solution and technology providers are unique. Cogent has focused on developing high-value relationships with only innovative and disruptive organisations; Alcatel-Lucent, Palo Alto, SMX, Sonus, SonicWall, Intel Security, HPE, Huawei, Polycom, Nectar, NEC, Mitel and Microsoft. These organisations have innovation and research and development at the core of their company culture and practise. These are values that mirror our expectations and focus on delivering business transforming solutions to New Zealand organisations.